Model: GF30

Fiber Flying Laser Marking Machine

The fiber flying laser printer manufactured by our company is small in size. There is no consumables needed. And it is self-cooling, maintenance-free. This equipment, whose structure is reasonably designed ,is easy to move. Its laser head can rotate within 360 degree freely and its bracket can be adjusted in a big range, which enables strong extensibility. The industrial resistance screen controller equipped with high speed servo motor galvanometer scanning system makes the whole system strong anti-interference. It is high in the Laser repetition frequency and even it is in high speed marking, there is no distortion in the marking. This fiber flying laser printer can meet different needs for the speed.

1. Low power consumption, no consumables needed, stable laser output.

2. Small in size, bracket can be adjusted within a large range ,more convenient extensibility.

3. Smaller output laser beam enables thinner marking line. The printer can meet the requirements for higher resolution making.

4. Long lifetime. The laser can be used more than 100,000 hours.

5. Compatible with the speed of the production line. It can synchronously marking in high speed production line.

Item Name




Laser Power


Laser wavelength


Laser type

Pulsed fiber laser

Beam diameter


Modulating frequency


Marking depth


Marking area

standard configuration 100 * 100mm

(can be customized 300 * 300mm)

Marking speed 


Minimum line width


Minimum characters




Controller screen size

10 inches

Touch screen design

industrial-grade anti-interference resistance touch screen


10 inches :Chinese, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, German

(can be customized 8 inches : Chinese, English.)

Controller external interface 

10 inches : USB*2, SD card*1 ,LAN*1 (8 inches : USB*2)

Host external interface

 power interface, encoder interface, photoelectric sensor interface

Adjustable range of bracket X axis


Adjustable range of bracket Y axis


Laser head adjustable angle


Cooling method


Equipment material

All aluminum alloy material

Rated power


Working voltage

220V/50 Hz

Working environment

ambient temperature 0-40 ° C, ambient humidity <80%

Packing size

138* 32* 34cm (L*W*H)

100* 67* 41cm(L*W*H)

Packing type

Standard export wooden case

Total weight

90 kg

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